The Scientific Assessment on Livestock Predation in South Africa (PredSA) has been completed, delivering a published assessment, comprising nine chapters and an accompanying Summary for Policy Makers.  The assessment was launched on 16 November 2018, with support from the Ministers of Environmental Affairs and Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, as well as the livestock industry.

You can use this website to explore the back ground and process of the PREDSA project, information on stakeholder engagement, and the record of project updates.

A copy of the Scientific Assesment can be downloaded from the Scientific Assesment Publication page. 

PredSa is featured in a project ( ResearchGate, and has also produced two additional publications

  • KERLEY, G.I.H., et al. 2017. Livestock predation in South Africa: The need for and value of a scientific assessment. South African Journal of Science 113 (3/4):17-19.

  • KERLEY, G.I.H., et al. 2019.  Building assessment practice and lessons from the scientific assessment on livestock predation in South Africa. South African Journal of Science 115:1-4. (


This assessment is a global first, and provides a policy relevant synthesis on the topic of livestock predation and its management in South Africa, as well as recommendations for future research.

PredSA Publication


Contact Information

Prof. Graham Kerley

Project Leader


Dr Dave Balfour

Project Manager
Mobile: +27 82 803 6436


Dr Sharon Wilson

Project Administrator