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Scientific Assessment on Livestock Predation in South Africa

The draft Scientific Assessment on Livestock Predation in South Africa is now available for review, and stakeholders are invited to provide written comments.  The deadline for submitting comments is 3 November 2017 (30 days).


Please note that in order to comment you need to be registered as a stakeholder on the assessment.  You can do this via the Stakeholder Registration Page


guideline document on how to comment on the Assessment Chapters, as well as a Stakeholder Review Comment Form are available for download.  Please follow the guidelines closely when preparing and submitting your comments.

PredSA Guideline Document for Stakeholder Review (PDF)

PredSA Stakeholder Review Comment Sheet (MS Excel Spreadsheet)


The draft report chapters are available electronically for download below:

CHAPTER 1: Introduction – the need for, and value of, a scientific assessment of livestock predation in South Africa (662kb).

CHAPTER 2: History of predator-stock conflict in South Africa (1,372KB).    

CHAPTER 3: The socio-economic impacts of livestock depredation and its prevention in South Africa (1,076KB)

CHAPTER 4: Ethical considerations in the management of livestock predator impacts (513KB)

CHAPTER 5: Legal considerations in the management of livestock predator impacts (1.1MB)  AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW UNTIL 27 NOV 2017

CHAPTER 6: Past and current management of predation on livestock (1,122KB).


CHAPTER 7: Biology and ecology of the black-backed jackal and caracal (559KB).

CHAPTER 8: The role of meso-predators in ecosystems: potential effects of managing their populations on ecosystem processes and biodiversity (905KB)

CHAPTER 9: Biology, ecology and interaction of other predators with livestock (777KB).


CHAPETR 10: Summary for Policy Makers (Will  be compiled once comments from the Stakeholder Review have been responded to)  


Completed comment forms should preferably be emailed to the address below, but can also be submitted by fax or post to the addresses below:


 Fax:      Attention: PredSA Administrator (041) 5042946

 Post:    Attention: PredSA Administrator 

                             Centre for African Conservation Ecology

                            Zoology Department


                            P.O. Box 77000

                            Port Elizabeth 6031


Should you have any questions regarding the review process please call Sharon Wilson on 041 504 2493 or email