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Scientific Assessment on Livestock Predation in South Africa

Welcome to the official website for the Scientific Assessment being undertaken on the issue of livestock and predation in South Africa (PredSA).


This website aims to provide the following:

  1. Details regarding the background and process of PredSA.
  2. A platform through which the general public can register as stakeholders on the assessment.
  3. Opportunities for stakeholders to engage in the assessment over the duration of the assessment.
  4. The latest information and outputs of the assessment for review and comments.
  5. A database of relevant journal papers, reports and spatial data which will be used during PredSA process, which will be available to authors and experts comprising the assessment team.

Contact Information

Prof. Graham Kerley

Project Leader


Dr Dave Balfour

Project Manager
Mobile: +27 82 803 6436


Dr Sharon Wilson

Project Administrator